Team Wave RB-50 Professional speed controller (Brushless/Brush)

CODE: 3002



RB-50 Professional speed controller (Brushless/Brush)


As an innovative RC electronic developer, TEAM WAVE has devoted tremendous resources in developing new products. After the successful Lightning V2 discharger, we are happy to introduce our latest release: Racing brushless speed controller series RB-50 & RB-30.

RB50 is the top-of-the line, competition grade model while RB-30 provides all the features of RB-50 but at a fraction of the price for budget and club racers. Both controllers provide a wide range of tuning options for professional users including adjustable drag brake, turbo drive, time shift, throttle curve, brake curve, LiPo cut, temperature cut and brushless reverse. They are also easy to use, small in size and brushed motor compatible.


  • Brushless motor: over 3.5T
  • Brushed motor: no limit
  • Rated current: 400A/Phase, brushless
  • Input: 4-8cells NiMH, 2-3cells Lipo
  • Size: 34mm x 31mm x 33mm
  • Weight: 50gram without wires
  • Brushless drive mode: Forward/Brake/Reverse
  • Brushed drive mode: Forward/Brake
  • Power capacitor: Included
  • Cooling fan: Included
  • Wires supplied: ultra flex 12AWG

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